Define a winning brand strategy with messaging and tactics to differentiate you to your ideal client.

Businesses without a good marketing strategy face an uphill battle with their marketing. We’re all bombarded with expensive, ineffective tactics that contain zero strategy and leave zero in your pockets.

Our answer is Strategy First which includes everything from market research to messaging as well as a complete marketing plan for your business. This is how large businesses do it, and now we can set the same foundation for your business.

See If Strategy First Is A Fit For You


Are you tired of wasting time and money on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work, or has a terrible ROI? Do you want the confidence to know you are saying and doing the right things to charge what you're worth?
If so. then learn more below.


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We’ll talk with your customers and get the inside scoop on what they love and what they wish they could get more of from you.
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We’ll define your key market segments and create personas defining their problems, pain points and priorities.
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We’ll use sophisticated tools as well as manual research to position you effectively against even your toughest competitors.
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We’ll help create a clearly defined and unique core difference, and messaging to attract your ideal target market.
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We’ll create a one sheet tactical plan that will increase incoming leads as well as grow recurring business and referrals.
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What you say and how you say it consistently is crucial for successful marketing today. Let’s define the right plan for you.


  • Total Online Presence Audit
  • Ideal Client Profiles
  • Client Interviews
  • Marketing Hourglass
  • Competitive Research
  • Content Roadmap
  • Core Messaging
  • HIgh-level Strategies
Great question, I’m a member of the Duct Tape marketing network founded by the best selling small business author John Jantsch. The network pools resources and ideas as well as works together to help each of our clients get an experience far beyond what any one person can provide.
It’s typically not a problem unless your team is not performing or holds your site hostage. I will require full access or a good (timely) working relationship with your team. In addition, my efforts will simply enhance any good work they may already be doing or uncover weaknesses that need to be addressed. Also, my reporting and monitoring will cover activities across your website, SEO and the rest of your online presence. It’s very likely you will get more clarity on critical KPI’s with me involved.
Yes we do it all the time. Where most marketers go wrong is a lack of strategy and messaging to help the business stand out and attract ideal clients. You need the right combination of medium and message that is very rare and is the core reason why so many marketing efforts fail. We know how to fix this problem and we do it as step 1 in our efforts.
Our work is always custom, but at the same time our package offerings have shown time and time again to be the only proven effective solution for 90% of small businesses. We aren’t interested in taking your money, like our competitors might be, if it won’t get solid long-term results for both of us. So be careful if you expect a single tactic, like Facebook ads for example, to solve all your marketing problems. It takes a Total Online Presence focus to really succeed and grow in today’s world.
Yes of course we will. Depending on the package we devise for your business, we can weave in a variety of advertising strategies and platforms to meet objectives in an affordable, effective manner. No matter what we do with advertising, to get the best results it always builds off of strategy and the content and media resources we build. Without content in a variety of forms, there’s no more compelling way to grow "know, like and trust" to convert more IDEAL prospects.
We can always tailor our packages to grow to meet your budget level and give more value and return on your investment. Reach out to talk about your budget and needs so we can find the best solution for your business at this stage in the game.