Develop Your Small Business Marketing Strategy and Start Winning

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Develop Your Small Business Marketing Strategy and Start Winning

  • The first step in any small business marketing campaign should be building a winning strategy. This is a game plan that includes the goals you want to reach and steps to get there. Your strategy involves everything from research to physically mapping out an approach step by step. One of the mistakes new businesses make is focusing on tactical marketing first. While these very specific short-term goals are helpful, the result is shorter lived and less satisfying. To better understand…
    Marketing Audit design

    Have you done a comprehensive Total Online Presence Audit lately?

  • Before you answer this question, you should understand what your “total online presence” is. It’s easy to assume that this refers to your website alone, but that’s only part of your online brand. Your internet presence envelopes the entirety of your business’s existence online. This includes: A website Local directory listings Company blog YouTube channel Social media accounts Yelp reviews Google My Business listing Better Business Bureau listing To see how your business looks online, try Googling your brand name.…
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    How to Give Your Strategy a Voice Through Content

  • For a while, the key to content seemed to be quantity over quality. Statistics still show that Google prefers posts of 1,890 words or more. Even so, any marketing professional will tell you that it’s the caliber of your writing that really counts.The marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade. Consumers are looking for a deeper connection with the companies they buy from. Therefore, the content you produce has a huge impact on the buyer and potential conversion.…